Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sat, July 4th
Intergalactic SS Championships

Sir Vandy and I showed up in true Intergalactic style; he in a stylish pair of overall jorts and myself in some Salvation Army swagger straight from the 70s. When we rolled up like pimps with psychosis the only thing Mayecheck could say was, "Dang maybe I'm taking this too seriously." My game plan was to sprint right from the gun and see who really came to race. I knew this was my best shot at pulling an upset over Mayday so I attacked hard for a count of 37 secs and looked back to see Mayecheck and an Oky on my wheel. We split off the rest of the field and took turns pulling and sizing each other up for the next few miles of fireroad. At the big mtn climb before the singletrack I attacked again with vigor and put some space on the fellow SSers. It wasn't long though before Mayday was on my wheel again on the trail. We pulled away and ran 1-2 along the sweeping and silky Womble Trail for several miles until I missed a sharp left and somersaulted off the trail & down the mtn. The AR Cy Guru kindly checked to make sure I was ok and then proceeded towards his Intergalactic SS Championship. Wound up finishing a strong 2nd just 95 secs behind the winner which I was very pleased with. The better rider won that day (congrats Richard), but I take much satisfaction in knowing that I gave him a run for his $. Had I not run off the trail who knows, but ultimately it was just an honor to mix it up and swap licks with such a great rider. Until next time sir...

Sun, July 5
Womble Classic AMBCS XC

Bell & Co MTN Biking goes crazy @ the Womble!!!
And I mean this statement literally, there was a smattering of Hi-Vis maniacs flying through the woods with reckless abandon, enough speedos to satisfy a European beach, and even the all too elusive pair of jorts (shorty short jean-shorts). I feel like our strategy of shock & awe worked very well, our competitors were hit with sensory overload to the eyes accompanied by a slight twinge of nausea to the stomach and a great mind trip too (they were demoralized following the exposed caboose of an unrelenting and unapologetic train that stopped for no mtn). I specifically remember seeing several jaws drop and many smiles and good humored laughs both on and off the course. Carol, Angie, Amanda, Jennifer, Deanna I'm so sorry yall missed out on this. We feel bad and to make it up to you: we have bright rainbow speedos for Greg, Wes, Todd, Robert, Brad & Jeff in the mail. They should arrive at your houses shortly; we expect pictures.

Well the race went almost as well as the costumes. We had a stacked field of 11 extremely talented racers with resumes ranging from professional mtn bikers, seasoned triathletes, collegiate cyclists, and even a Jr World Cup contender & future Olympian ("You said it man, noone messes with the Jesus"). The course was amazing, 26+ miles of silky smooth benchcut IMBA certified "Epic" WOMBLE TRAIL! We hit a flow and sailed down the trail like we were on skies. Early on it was myself with Ryan Cook, Frank Webber, & Noah Singer running in the 4-7th slots. The Northern Womble was ridiculously awesome and we belted out a few songs as the adrenaline and beta-endorphins soared. Frank, Ryan and I rolled up to the Fishing Village & Reed MTN together, then Ryan turned on the juice... Frank and I played cat & mouse games the rest of the race trying to stay on the other's wheel. When we crossed the finish line we both nearly collapsed on the finisher's table. We all definitely left some sweat, mud, blood and a little piece of our souls out there on the trail that day.

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